Sample Essay

The data that has been collected for the historical research in the dissertation has been taken from online data banks and the official websites of the two selected retailers Marks & Spencers and House of Fraser. The academic and industry research data bases like Ebscohost & Business Premier have been used to access peer reviewed articles and studies on the subject matter as well as industry reports and industry journals on the performance of retail businesses in the UK. The trade journals as well as the marketing journals have been used to gather information on the marketing principles and the marketing strategies used by the retailers to influence their sales. The quantitative data that has been used in the study has been collected from the official websites of the two selected companies, Marks & Spencer and House of Fraser.

The qualitative data has been analysed using a subjective analysis techniques that employed keyword based analysis. The quantitative data however has been analysed using statistical analysis methods of comparison and trend finding. MS Excel as well as other mathematical software has been employed to analyse the quantitative data that was mostly of financial nature. Graphs and pictorial descriptions are provided to highlight the results of the analysis.

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