Sample Essay

The criticism that is lodged against Kantianism confers mainly to three aspects, the inhumanity of the Kant’s theory, the question motivation and the defeasibility of Duty. The man criticism that is pointed out against Kant and his theory is that his theory does not provide for morality in the natural sense. Kant actually starts off with moral intuitions of human beings and how to reach moral laws but concludes his argument on counter unintuitive conclusions. The traditional criticism here us that Kant is not sufficiently able to explain the force of reason with motivates humans for their behavior and decision making.

The rebuttal of this criticism can be made by stating that in very general terms it is possible to employ the ethics and morality theory of Kant by simply identification the motivation behind actions. If the motivation is to provide for ultimate goodness and happiness then the action is considered good and moral. Else it is considered immoral and irrational in nature.

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