Sample Essay

Professional athletes and singers are in need of accurate and honest managers, and talent agents to take care of administrative details in their busy lifestyles.  In the future, CornBread Management, LLC, will expand its services to others who live outside the State of Washington.

  We will use the latest technology to advertise our services and promote clients.  We value respect for the corporate name, a client’s image, and our customers.    Our pricing is on par with the market, and is positioned to enable CornBread Mangement, LLC, to quickly acquire clients and market itself within the local entertainment and business communities.   The marketing campaign is diverse to attract repeat business.  Moreover, it is our desire to be user-friendly, and the company that professional athletes or singers think of as excellent within the booking and management industry.

By strongly positioning the business as an investment in the lives of potential clients, we expect to generate great interest and countless responses.  Distinguished skills in contract negotiation, booking, and management will be used to arrive at winning solutions to resolve major issues relative to our clients.  The selling basis for our services is to provide additional income and exposure for professional athletes and singers, and represent the premier convergence of entertainment and sports.

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