As such as already noted, the most frequently recommended remedy is the construction of better educational institutions that is safe, orderly and conducive. This involves things such as , better site  design features that can upgrade the safety levels which include things such as enough lights, reliable Building design features, availability of useful  Interior space features such as spacious corridors among others and lastly but not the least availability of effective and efficient Building systems and equipment features (ibid).

However,  this is not the only strategy,  other people believe that,  besides natural hazards, people are the major reasons behind the escalating levels of insecurity in schools and as such the most suitable strategy would involve counseling people  more so the students) and promoting positive morals and values that can ensure that they are disciplined ( Kozol, 1996). As such, Kozol would reject the idea of bettering constructions in school as means of dealing with dangerousness in schools and stand on his belief that only grace that promotes good morals in the society can solve the issue.

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