Tests are conducted because scientific evidence has shown that patients suffering from RA, have serum that had agglutinins against the common heamolytic streptococci, which led in the use of agglutination reaction as a valid diagnosis test. This is another test which provides diagnosis results for RA (Gotzsche, 2008). However, as most researches are proving, there are patents with negative results for agglutination, therefore diagnosis tests which a negative are often not rejected.

However, given that agglutination tests rovide a wide unreliable range of results for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, science has rejecte this test for advanced tests (Gotzsche, 2008). This also provides evidence of the lack of clear knowledge of what requires to be measured to diagnose effectively the disease as patients with rheumatoid arthritis continually provide both positive and negative results for selected antibodies (Gotzsche, 2008). The rapid changes in tests for rheumatoid arthritis arise from a requirement of American Rheumatism Association, which defines the criteria for rheumatoid arthritis in order to maintain the definition. The introduction of various tests is often prompted by the hypothesis of rheumatoid arthritis has pathogenesis and aetiolgy aspects (Gotzsche, 2008).

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