Life is too ironic to fully understand. It takes sadness to know what happiness is, noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence. Nicholas Sparks describes life as “much like a song, in the beginning, there is mystery, in the end there is confirmation, but it is in the middle where all emotions reside to make the whole thing worthwhile.” In the fast track of life some people are in constant search of tranquility, this restrains them to see some tiny and vital details of the colorful picture of life. Unlike most of us there are people who take these opportunities and savor these moments, they are less likely to be persistent, in achieving the comfort of the world.

Some people argue that a comfortable life is better than excitement. Sara, a university student shares her views, says, “Excitement sometimes brings failure which leaves us discouraged.” Many people think likewise, they believe tranquil life give them a sense of satisfaction. There are various things in which one finds comfort, some by being an introvert in social gatherings, in their confined work places, doing only those tasks that are easily aced; Moreover, many people work hard to achieve comfort in their state of homes doing everything to make that house of brick give a feeling of warmth. Andreas Woods, a doctor expresses his opinion, “I like it when everything is peaceful and smooth and like people to be that way too. That helps me focus more in any situation.”

For some people the opposite point of view is more compelling. For some individuals, outside of the comfort zone is where the magic happens. One must become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown, treasure the memories and explore those aspects which trouble them.  We must take risks in life that seem worth taking, the ride might not be predictable but it will be an interesting one. Martin Luther King vividly, in his words expresses the vital need to have excitement in life saying “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands in time of challenge and controversy.” We often confine ourselves to things that we are most comfortable with but one cannot become an improved version of one’s self unless he/she is willing to stretch beyond what they already know.

In my opinion, life lacking a spark of excitement is not a life lived. The real comfort is when we challenge beyond our limits, it is when we are willing to explore every era of this life. Comfort, according to me is the enemy of achievement because it restrains us from exploring. It is indeed true that “a ship in a harbor is safe but that’s not what ships are built for.