Colonization in the Americas by European increased the demand for slaves. Europeans needed labor for their plantations and mines. They enslaved many Indians, but many Indians died because of European diseases. This implied that they could no longer get labor from the Indians and they started to ship slaves from West Africa. As opposed to slaves in parts of Latin America, those in the US had better lives. Since US slaves had access to medical care, they lived longer than their counterparts in other parts of the world did.

The increase of slaves in the Americas so the introduction of slave codes which prohibited slaves from “owning weapons, receiving an education, meeting one another or moving about without the permission of their masters, and testifying against white people in court”( Falconbridge 27). This ensured that chances of revolt among slaves were minimized. Since slaves had the chance of buying their freedom, the number of free blacks in the American colonies was around 40,000 in 1770. This comprised of slaves who had run away or those who had been released by their masters.

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