It is impossible to talk of cognition without diverting our attention to attention. Cognition seeks to explore how the brain functions in relation to the overall functioning of the human being. The big question is how cognition links to attention. It is important to understand the meaning of attention in a bid to establish the link. Attention is the process where the brain accommodates multiple images or perceptions but limits its focus to a particular image, thought or perception. That way, the brain is able to shut out every other surrounding influence which is not part of the main focus (Willingham, 2007).

Generally, cognition allows the brain to accommodate everything in its immediate and external environment. These can be through imagery or perception. The limit as to what the brain chooses to focus and dwell on is established through attention. The overall achievement attention is learning. Learning is a process that clearly demonstrates how cognition and attention work together. Through cognition, the brain can absorb all forms of information but he ability to attend to a particular subject of cognition enables one to internalize and ultimately learn (Oakley, 2004).

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