These characters also show acts of freewill. After Casaboun’s death, Dorothea makes a deliberate choice to marry Ludislaw, much to the surprise of her family once again (Literature online, 10). She does this in a bid to restore sanity to her life. Fred, on realizing that he needs Mary in his life, becomes a committed and good student under Caleb. Needless to say, he wins her over to himself. Lydigate on the other hand realizes that his life is headed on a downfall and he deliberately seeks assistance from Bulstrode.

Through these twists, Eliot asserts that fate is actually there and it can actually dictate one’s life. However, if an individual realizes that by following fate his life goes down the wrong way, then there is no harm in reconsidering and starting all over again. This is what is observed in her major characters. When they awoke and realized that they were headed for no god, they immediately made decisions that changed the course of their lives for the better.

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