They take the following form in sentences; “let” follows; [let+person+verb] when used the sentences take son the meaning of allowing someone to do something. Example: “I hope my boss will let me take the week off.”

Make: means to force someone to do something

Example: “I was made to apologize for what I had said.” “She made them wear their raincoats.”

Have: means to give someone the responsibility to do something.

Example: “She had the secretary fax her reports.” “I had the attendant push my trolley.”

Get: means to convince someone to do something or trick to do something.

“Sally got her son to eat by promising a trip to the park.” “I got her to mop my floor.”

“Get” and “have” are used interchangeably but the expressions do not mean the same.

Example; “I got her to wash my windows” and “I had her wash my windows.” The first means that at first she refused but, I was able to convince her. The second means that I asked her to wash the windows for me.

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