Sample Essay

Re-branding often involves changing the layout of the store to complement the new brand and its image. Store management, and refurbishing of the stores according to the new image can lead to increased foot traffic and therefore increased sales for the retail business. The research highlighted that during the Christmas season both Marks & Spencer and House of Fraser conducted refurbishment of their stores to reflect the festive season and emphasize their Christmas season product offering and collections. These strategies were aimed at increasing consumer spending and the foot fall in their retail stores.

The research provided that advertising through mass communication media is still the highlight of most marketing campaigns during the Christmas season. Marks and Spencer as well as House of Fraser both launched marketing campaigns that included television based commercials and ads for the retail stores and their Christmas themed offers & deals that lasted 30-40 seconds. The recall rates for the signature ads of marks & Spencer were quite high amongst the target market.  Additionally Marks & Spencer also focused on the timing of the ads with Christmas ads being launched well before Christmas to claim the position for the retailer as the Christmas shopping destination for the season.

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