Sample Essay

The House of Fraser has had a confused imaging in the past which has led to a slow growth for the company in the retail sector (Gorman, 2007). However since the company has been taken over by the Baugur Group, the company has been slowly and strategically positioning itself in the retail industry to appeal to the market as an elite retailer. The Baugur Group in 2007 even proposed use of 3m pounds advertisements to establishment the image of the House of Fraser as an high street elite retailer (‘House of Fraser in £3m ad Pitch’, 2007)

The company has re-branded and re-established itself in the retail market by changing its brand symbols and updating its store layout, ambiance and environment to better suit its target image of being an elite high street retailer. Traditionally the company has had a brand logo in the form of a leaping stag since the last 10 years. However following the acquisition of the retailer by the Baugur Group in 2006, the company is re-branding itself. “It has introduced contemporary colours and pared down the logo. The new look is intended to support, rather than compete with, the other brands sold at House of Fraser, according to an agency spokesman. The department store is currently reviewing its marketing operations, which are expected to be completed by the end of this month. Baugur is believed to want to reinvigorate the brand to follow in the footsteps of Marks & Spencer, which has successfully turned around its ailing fortunes.” (Godsell, 2007)

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