Bolivarian revolution is named after Simon Bolivar who was a revolution leader in Venezuela and most of the Latin America in the early 19th century. This refers to a political system based on leftist social movement. The main aim of the revolution is to create a movement of the masses in order to have democracy for all the people. Resources have to be equitably distributed to the people in order to ensure that the people are equal (Wilpert, 2007, p. 23-24)

When Chavez assumed presidency on February 1999, Venezuela was undergoing an extended crisis (Ness & Azzellini, 2011, p. 382). The country got a new constitution in 1999 under the stewardship of Chavez. The Bolivarian Revolution is for enforcing a movement of the masses to achieve democracy for all the people (Pearn, 2007, p.245).

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