Sample Essay

The growth rates for the Coca Cola Company specific to the financial year of 2007 was 17.00 percent for Sales as compared to the previous quarter, -6.10 percent for net income as compared with net income for 2006, -23.20 percent for net income as compared with met income last quarter. The five year sales average for the company was at 8.08 percent with a net income five year average of 8.51 percent and 11.20 percent in Dividends for the five year annual average.

The price ratios for the company for the latest financial year depicted a current P/E ratio of $22.0, a Price/ Sales ratio of $3.99, a Price/ Book value of $5.41 and Price/ Cash Flow ratio of $17.80. The profit margins for the company depicted Gross Profit of 64.0, Pre Tax Margin of 24.1, a Net Profit Margi of 18.4, with a five year average of the Gross profits, Pre Tax Margin and Net profit margin at 64.4, 27.7 and 21.2 respectively

The financial condition of the company is such that the Debt/.Equity was recorded for the last financial year at $0.48, with the Current Ratio at $1.0, the Quick ratio at $0.8, the Interest Coverage at $17.3, the Leverage Ratio at $2.1 and the Book Value/ Share at $10.04.

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