This perception has caused people to treat her mother unfairly and different. Their perception has caused them to refuse to understand her mother. In the long run, Amy is forced to talk on her mother’s behalf in her “perfect” English. She was often seen speaking on her behalf on the phone and in offices (Tan, 1990 p.29). Amy herself was also limited in her perception of her mother; while she was growing up she believed her mother’s language reflected the quality of what she had to say.

                It is a recent analysis on the situation that Amy questions her “mother tongues” limitations in relation to the society’s views (Tan, 1990 p.28). In her opinion her mother’s English is also her language, this is because she uses it often and it cannot disappear despite her “perfect English”. It is the opinion and perception of people that limits language. Therefore in her opinion her mother’s English is not limiting as she is able to communicate.

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