The success of a research project depends on the effectiveness of the document representing the research efforts in communicating the entire process as a smooth flow of information, collected through various methods from different resources. It is with this objective in mind that this project report has been structured in the following manner:

Introduction – This chapter will discuss the overall research project in general, outline the research objectives, project scope, limitations while carrying out research and the research outline.

Literature Review – This part of the research report will aim to discuss the literatures and theories relevant to brand image, how it is formed, consumer’s perception of the brand image, consumer’s buying behaviour and the relationship between brand image and consumer behaviour.

Chinese Apparel Industry and “Zara and H&M” in China and Hong Kong – We will discuss the apparel industry of China & Hong Kong, characteristics of each and the business models executed by players of this industry to boost their images in front of their customers. We will also discuss two reputed participants in this industry, Zara and H&M, and their operations in this industry.

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