The worst feeling student can come across is when he/she works really hard to write an essay and later on finds out that it was plagiarized. There are many students who fall victim to unintentional plagiarism just because they do not take necessary measures to avoid it. The consequences of plagiarism can really be very harsh. Whether you intentionally commit plagiarism or not the consequences remain the same. One of the worst consequences of plagiarism is expulsion from the institute. It is worse because it ruins your credibility and reputation as a student and you may not get admission in any other institution afterward.

In some cases, students can face failure in the particular course and may have to repeat it in the next semester. Whatever the consequences the students must take necessary precautions so that they can avoid getting into deep trouble. Life is not easy and it presents with different scenarios. Therefore, students must be prepared and take all the necessary steps to avert a bad situation. Every time they work on their essays they must use citations as to give credit to the original author. They must use software to double check their work so that they can be confident.

Plagiarism is a serious issue and must be taken seriously. It can ruin your academic career if you do not follow the right rules. Moreover, you may not even get a job due to a bad name. It is wise to work a bit harder and avert any problems related to plagiarism.

After reading this article you should follow all the right rules of writing and avoid problems related to plagiarism. Once you practice the right rules it will become your habit and you will not face any problems in the future.

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